Sunday, April 1, 2018

Subliminal Cuts! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 31/18

franz fredinand - glimpse of love
danny goffey - ancient text
dead natives - keep this in mind
trampolene - hard time for dreamers
judas - big mouth
himalayas - if i tell you
the bay rays - begin again
asylums - when we wake up
liines - find something
desperate journalist - incandescent
goat girl - throw me a bone
kate nash - take away
kate nash - karaoke kiss
hillary woods - inhaler
fujiya & miyagi - subliminal cuts
the fernweh - is this man bothering you?
fenech/soler - undercover
cavern of anti-matter phase - modulation shift
-----northern soul spotlight
marvellos - something's burnin'
lukas lollipop - don't hold on to someone (who don't love you)
mary lee whitney - don't come a knockin'
the invincibles - heartstrings (there is a garden)
-----lp session - cabbage "nihilistic glamour shots"
cabbage - molotov alcopop
cabbage - postmodernist caligula
cabbage - exhibit a
night flowers - you don't tell me
phalcons - swim away
the monochrome set - the jet set junta
the charlatans - jesus hairdo
fuzzy sun - sad
blossoms - i can't stand it
kim wilde - pop don't stop
ladytron - the animals
you want fox - liar liar
simple minds - summer
no joy / sonic boom - obsession (radio edit)
-----lp session - demob happy "holy doom"
demob happy - liar in your head
demob happy - i wanna leave (alive)
demob happy - fresh outta luck
the cure - charlotte sometimes
pulp - glory days
the kills - kissy kissy


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