Sunday, April 22, 2018

Garage Full Of Flowers! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 21/18

Congratulations to all the Jammy award winners for this year. This year was not our year. But I would like to express my thanks for all who voted for our little program and continue to show their support. After all, it's all about the music and you being able to enjoy the music. Here's to next year!

bugeye - i'm not the one
the lovely eggs - repeat it
go-kart mozart - crokodile rokstarz
the gaa gaa's - v.o.l.t.a.i.r.e.
fizzy blood - pink magic
suspects - innocence
miles kane - loaded
seatbelts - hey, hey tiger!
dead! - detach
blossoms - there's a reason why (i never returned your calls)
wulfman fury - getaway
the coral - sweet release
vryll society - andrei rublev
the fernweh - timepiece
pale waves - my obsession
tim burgess - clutching insignificance
inspiral carpets - garage full of flowers
james - busted
the waterfront - normandy (on the beach)
-----northern soul spotlight
apollas - you're absolutely right
mighty hannibal - good time (who don't love you)
the enchanters - to get your love back
dick jensen & the imports - back in circulation
-----lp session - mastersystem "dance music"
mastersystem - proper home
mastersystem - peaks, troughs and graves
mastersystem - bird is bored of flying
boards of canada - sixtyten
massive attack - man next door
broadcast - michael a grammar
poptone - go!
ill - space dick
witch fever - toothless
dream nails - cookies 4 u
purest - forever
jesus & mary chain - upside down
yowl - warm (in the soft white fire of modern living)
-----lp session - easter "meander lines"
easter - suicidal kiss
easter - pixel princess
easter - how to spend yr time
the cure - the exploding boy
towers of london - green eyes
teleman - submarine life


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