Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tower Of Song! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 12/16

So 2016 drags on and takes another musical life from us. It was just a couple weeks ago we celebrated Leonard Cohen's birthday and his new album release. In the middle of enjoying his latest offering it turned out to be his swan song. We celebrated his contributions a few weeks ago with some Brit indie covers of his works. We do that again tonight in his memory. RIP Leonard Cohen

british sea power - remember me
lemon jelly - the staunton lick
the xx - on hold
clarence clarity - vapid feels are vapid
fickle friends - brooklyn
kate tempest - europe is lost
jaws - on the sunshine
inheaven - treats
childcare - film club
jennifer - jennifer
king nun - speakerface
beach skulls - sante fe
spring king - rectifier
sundara karma - olympia
jagara - let me go
blossoms - across the moor
whenyoung - actor
house of love - who by fire
the lilac time - bird on a wire
james - so long marianne
beth orton - sisters of mercy
-----lp session - palace "so long forever"
palace - bitter
palace - family
palace - holy smoke
the moonlandingz - black hanz
grace jones - me! i disconnect from you
the orb - 9 elms over river eno (channel 9)
the baltic fleet - turns
black needle noise - this kind of road feat kendra frost
kite base - soothe
los campesinos! - i broke up in amarante
the extons - i won't leave lonely
the fables - not for me
shame - the lick
-----lp session - oskar's drum "a cathedral of hands"
oskar's drum - green-veiled mirror ghost
oskar's drum - quartz
oskar's drum - arms of the dark
city yelps - now
modo stare - wake up telescope
t.o.y. - spellbound


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