Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Brief Escape From Life! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 5/16

Another year, another pledge drive. Thank you to all of you who supported CJAM during this years drive. If you still haven't contributed you still can even all the live pledge shows have concluded. The donation link is still active on the website and will be for the rest of the year. Simply click and fill out the form, it's so easy. It takes but 2 minutes and you can help fund non-profit community radio in Windsor/Detroit for another year.

my bloody valentine - when you sleep
dead rabbits - someday
cavern of anti-matter - i'm the unknown
formation - powerful people
hms morris - from the neck down
jagara - let me go
artificial pleasure - i'll make it worth your while
my vitriol - we've lost our way
black mamba fever - feeling the strain
goat girl - country sleaze
duke spirit - serenade
muse - new kind of kick
the severed limb - bela lugosi
kaiser chiefs - happen in a heartbeat
isla - standing on the shoulders of giants
white lies - summer didn't change a thing
bauer - (feels like) heaven
-----northern soul spotlight
howard guyton - i watched you slowly slip away
roy hamilton - crackin' up over you
the spinners - what more could a boy ask for
the apollas - mr. creator
-----lp session - honeyblood "babes never die"
honeyblood - love is a disease
honeyblood - sister wolf
honeyblood - hey, stellar
on dead waves - blackbird
escapists - animals
joy formidable - sleep is day
pink floyd - vegetable man
yuck - because
estrons - belfast
fuzzbox - spirit in the sky
jitterz - one good song
blackwaters - so far out
the shrives - madnight
our girl - no big deal
king nun - tulip
-----lp session - jaws "simplicity"
jaws - cast
jaws - on the sunshine
jaws - a brief escape from life
heavy heart - teenage witch
superglu - dreams
plaza - youth
the blinders - swine


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