Saturday, March 19, 2016

Post Pop Depression! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 19/16

The night of LP releases...again! We had no less than 4 LPs in the show tonight. Not to mention a glut of new releases that kind of backing with the special
International Women's Day broadcast last week. So it was more rawk and less talk tonight to try to fit everything in!
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manic street preachers - let robeson sing
depeche mode - halo
the last shadow puppets - aviation
iggy pop - gardenia
trampolene - tom hardy
telegram - regatta
trash - workout
boxer rebellion - big ideas
b-movie - another false dawn
department m - air exchange
crows - unwelcome light
primal scream - (feeling like a) demon again
primal scream - carnival of fools
midway still - hey summer
yuck - like a moth
yak - harbour the feeling
the dynamite pussy club - midnight hour
-----northern soul spotlight
leon haywood - baby reconsider
bob relf - blowing my mind to pieces
bobby angelle - it's just gotta be that way
yvonne baker - you didn't say a word
-----lp session - the kvb "of desire"
the kvb - white walls
the kvb - night games
the kvb - never enough
morrissey - spring-heeled jim
elastica - waking up
james - surfer's song
james - girl at the end of the world
the big pink - decoy
ming city rockers - sell me a lemon
cut glass kings - only a daydream
beach skulls - dreamin' blue
the coral - holy revelation
the wonder stuff - in clover
the wonder stuff - the kids from the green
steve mason - ran away
little green cars - clair de lune
little green cars - winds of peace
mugstar - flemish weave
desert mountian tribe - runway
unloved - the ground

Mugstar // Flemish Weave (Official Video) from Rock Action on Vimeo.

Download the show here!

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