Saturday, March 5, 2016

British Road Movies! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 5/16

Voting for the 2016 CJAM Jammy Awards is now open. Show some love to the many volunteer programmers and vote!
If you would like to vote for us, we are in the last category for Best International Show.
You can vote by following this link;

primal scream - where the light gets in feat sky ferriera
richard ashcroft - this is how it feels
the kills - doing it to death
the gaa gaa's - close your eyes
false advertising - alopecia
the rocking horse club - rocks and shoes
alvarez kings - fear to feel
deux furieuses - kill us
the big pink - decoy
fear of men - island
lusts - sometimes
ride - unfamiliar
the kvb - in deep
beak> - timeshare
unloved - guilty of love
cavern of anti-matter - planetary folklore feat sonic boom
boxed in - running out feat formation
kate jackson - metropolis
errors - colossal estates
innerspace orchestra - one way glass
beyond the wizards sleeve - diagram girl
-----lp session - the coral "distance inbetween"
the coral - white bird
the coral - beyond the sun
the coral - fear machine
bill ryder-jones - out of the dark
inheaven - baby's alright
ben watt - between two fires
morrissey - sing your life
judas - sister
liines - blackout
the abjects - double bind
we've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it - love is the slug
the orielles - jobin
the family rain - every so often
frightened rabbit - death dream
spinning coin - albany
-----lp session - witching waves "crystal cafe"
witching waves - seeing double
witching waves - the threat
witching waves - red light
swervedriver - red queen arms race
coquin migale - grindie
hookworms - medicine cabinet
dr robert - the mirrored lake


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