Saturday, May 9, 2015

Box Fresh! Show tracks for Sat. May 9/15

Album mania again tonight. Features new LPs from La Shark, Bristol, Stealing Sheep and Palma Violets in the proper LP Session.
The next album mania show might be in June as June 15th looks to be a major release day. As long as I get them, you'll hear them!

ride - twisterella
temples - sun structures
tim burgess - tracks of my past
noel gallagher's high flying birds - riverman
johnny marr - please, please, please let me get what i want (live)
blur - my terracotta heart
sarah cracknell - on the swings
stealing sheep - sequence
stealing sheep - greed
saltwater sun - habit on my mind
bristol - safe from harm
bristol - 6 underground
the selecter - box fresh
paul weller - saturn's pattern
django django - reflections
-----northern soul spotlight
the profiles - take a giant step (walk on)
the valentinos - lookin' for love
the squires - don't accuse me
anna belle caesar & lionel hampton - little annie
the drapers - i will kiss your teardrops away
-----lp session - palma violets "danger in the club"
palma violets - girl, you couldn't do much better on the beach
palma violets - coming over to my place
palma violets - the jacket song
palma violets - gout! gang! go!
everything everything - regret
the watchmakers - kiss the sun
cheatahs - 3d milk
the kvb - fields
crispy ambulance - rain without clouds
la shark - world wide babes
la shark - imaginary music
-----mixtape memories
aztec camera - oblivious (langer/winstanley remix)
the specials - doesn't make it alright
maximum joy - white & green place (extraterrestrial mix)
julian cope - reynard the fox (david jensen session)
lovely eggs - magic onion
lovely eggs - cilla's teeth
wire - blogging
real lies - seven sisters
the go! team - waking the jetstream
zac curran - still there


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