Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Sunny Day! Show tracks for Sat. May 30/15

And the albums just keep coming. Four more tonight with Du Blonde, SPC ECO, Fever Dream and Jamie XX in the LP Session. Add in new singles from Northern Uproar, Hurts Ist Ist, Vangoffey and more. Mixtape Memories has a Sarah Records theme. Download link at the bottom of post as always.

wire - octopus
tomorrows - another life
Ist Ist - one to one
october drift - you are, you are
our girl - our girl
love l.u.v. - maybe baby (buddy holly cover)
false advertising - i don't know
du blonde - raw honey
du blonde - after the show
disraeli gears - cuckoo
kins - young
pins - molly
fever dream - glue
fever dream - dance forever
god damn - deadpan riot
veludo planes - the snows of kilimanjaro
desperate journalist - hesitate
hurts - some kind of heaven
northern uproar - outlaws robbing trains
all this noise - seven billion like you
la shark - aaa
dive in - can't hold me down
-----lp session - jamie xx "in colour"
jamie xx - seesaw (ft. romy)
jamie xx - hold tight
jamie xx - the rest is noise
ffs - call girl
stealing sheep - deadlock
the cribs - orange star rattle
supernaturals - alone with my thoughts
best friends - cold shapes
ozric tentacles - rubbing shoulders with the absolute
-----mixtape memories
another sunny day - you should all be murdered
the field mice - sensitive
st. christopher - all of a tremble
the sea urchins - pristine christine
the wake - carbrain
vangoffey - you you you
frankie & the heartstrings - think yourself lucky
frankie & the heartstrings - save it for tonight
frank & walters - look at us now
stereophonics - c'est la vie
spc eco - let it be always
spc eco - under my skin

Replay show!

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