Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rock 'N' Roll Will Break Your Heart! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 19/13

For the last few weeks I've been letting the music do the talking. But it's that time of year, pledge drive time. One week every year the volunteers hit he airwaves and ask for the listeners financial support. This is the 30th anniversary of CJAM hitting the FM airwaves. The plans for another power increase are taking shape. But that takes a huge amount of money. That's where the listeners come in. Dig deep and support your local campus/community radio station. Every amount helps, whether you can afford a large donation or a small one. It all goes to same cause keeping CJAM your home of non-commercial music and spoken word programming. It all starts on November 1st, with this shows pledge drive episode airing on November 2nd. But you don't have to wait until then to donate. Go to right now to donate safely and discreetly via Paypal. Tell them Cowboys & Indies sent you. CJAM thanks you for your support.

hurts - somebody to die for
yuck - glow & behold
cheatahs - cut the grass
temple songs - she's away
the savage nomads - jaded edges
the fratellis - rock 'n' roll will break your heart
rose elinor dougall - poison ivy
toy - join the dots
astral pattern - sitting in the sun
thomas cohen - honeymoon
jungle - the heat
yumi & the weather - all we can
lionface - beast
adrian sherwood & pinch - music killer
ub40 - blue eyes crying in the rain
lp session - kitchens of distinction "folly"
kitchens of distinction - extravagance
kitchens of distinction - wolves / crows
kitchens of distinction - tiny moments, tiny omens
black hearted brother - (i don't mean to) wonder
kobadelta - ritual (time flies)
jubilee courts - room with a view
b-movie - so far away
paradise - stars shine bright
as elephants are - crystal
fanfarlo - the sea
lola colt - jackson
september girls - ships
bright young people - liberties
the wytches - thunder lizard revisited
paul orwell - let me catch my breath

Oops almost forgot these!
Part One
Part Two

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