Saturday, October 26, 2013

Live At The Witch Trials! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 26/13

Tonight's show was a fortunate accident. During the week while putting the show together I noticed that some of the new releases had some loose Halloween themes to them. So I figured what the hell, a Halloween show. I wasn't going to bother since it was so far into next week. But I took notice of the happy coincidences and obliged. Outside of a couple new releases, a LP Session and the opening set featuring tracks from my trip to Toronto this week, all tracks had a Halloween theme.
The show opened with some Simple Minds and Bowie tracks who I saw in Toronto this week. Simple Minds played at Massey Hall on Tuesday night and were really great despite not playing Up On The Catwalk, which annoyed a friend of mine. They played the song I opened the show with which according to another friend who has seen them 20 times said he has never seen them play it live. So I didn't mind the Catwalk omission.
The David Bowie Is exhibit at the AGO was quite good. Some really interesting pieces that would pique the interest of even a marginal Bowie fan. If you get the chance to catch in the next month before it closes do yourself a favour. It's well worth the investment of time and money. Maybe I'll get lucky and catch it again before the end of November.
Next week's show will be the Live Pledge Drive 2013 show. I hope you can listen live and call in with a donation for your favourite campus/community station CJAM 99.1FM! If not please use this link to donate safely and securely online anytime. Donate to CJAM!

Download this song for free:

simple minds - this fear of gods
david bowie - boys keep swinging
david bowie - the laughing gnome
the automatic - monster
male bonding - pumpkin
the fall - live at the witch trials
the fall - frightened
fear of men - spirit house
the heartbreaks - ¡no pasarĂ¡n!
little green cars - witching hour
british sea power - monsters of sunderland
japan - halloween
marc almond - the devil (okay)(le diable)
the rifles - heebie jeebies
the relays - you invented horror
traams - demons
poly styrene - ghoulish
lp session - the wave pictures "city forgiveness"
the wave pictures - all my friends
the wave pictures - better to have loved
the wave pictures - lisbon
the fratellis - halloween blues
kirsty maccoll - halloween
brian poole & the tremeloes - i want candy
them - i'm your witchdoctor
tom jones - witch queen of new orleans (remix)
the mekons - ghosts of american astronauts
the specials - ghost town (live)
the dead 60s - ghostfaced killer
the horrors - jack the ripper
siouxsie & the banshees - candyman
sidi bou said - goblin market
bauhaus - spirit
veronica falls - found love in a graveyard
the music - ghost hands
chapel club - scared

Don't be scared, if you missed the show you can download it here!
Part One
Part Two

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