Sunday, August 18, 2013

North Country Boy! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 17/13

After hearing the tragic news of Jon Brookes death this past week I decided to feature the music of The Charlatans tonight. The Charlatans may be the only band that is almost the exact age of this show and still recording. We both got our start in 1989/90 and have lasted 20+ years. We played there debut Indian Rope and featured their last lp as well as everything in between. They would definitely be part of the Cowboys & Indies life soundtrack.
RIP Jon.
Our thoughts and prayers to your family, fiends and bandmates. Your legacy will live on in each play of a song featuring your great talent.

the charlatans - sproston green
the charlatans - tremelo song
pistola kicks - friday nights
wolf alice - she
f.u.r.s. - just kids
lizzy & the yes men - unstoppable
the charlatans - jesus hairdo
exit calm - when they rise
tail feather - spellbinder
shinies - vitamins
yuck - middle sea
los porcos - sunshine
leisure - tourist
kwes - 36
only girl - mountain
lp session - travis "where you stand"
travis - moving
travis - warning sign
travis - a different room
the charlatans - blackened blue eyes
the charlatans - here comes the soul saver
outfit - house on fire
no ceremony - part of me
white lies - mother tongue
china crisis - you never see it
vuvuvultures - whatever you will
verve - judas
the charlatans - judas
bomb the bass - wandering star
paris angels - door to summer
the charlatans - north country boy
the charlatans - then (alternate take)

To hear the show again or for the first time!
Part One
Part Two

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