Sunday, July 21, 2013

Queen Of The Scene! Show tracks for Sat. July 20/13

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." So the plan last night was to go see OMD at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit. To accomplish that Clara from The Washing Machine here on CJAM graciously agreed to guest host the show. The stars were aligning, or so I thought. The bastard weather here didn't just make my week a living hell but also ruined my weekend plans. Malcolm, the drummer, in OMD succumbed to heat exhaustion in Toronto the night before resulting in a hospital stay. Which then resulted in the cancellation of the rest of the tour. Obviously, we all hope Malcolm makes a speedy and total recovery. The news on OMD's website is saying just that. But disappointment doesn't begin to describe the feelings as you watch months of waiting for the show go up in smoke. There was no point in trying to get to the show, unprepared, and ruining all the hard work Clara had done all week to prep for it. Clara, the queen of the scene, had a blast hosting and I hope you enjoyed listening. Big thanks to Clara & Chris for a great show!

nada surf - if you leave
flash fiktion - science of sleep
the kills - U.R.A. fever
the jam - ghosts
solar twins - rock the casbah
alternative tv - repulsion
squarepusher - full rinse
maximum joy - searching for a feeling
the horrors - who can say
the fauns - cool stuff
the telescopes - spaceships
the avant gardeners - ye 13th son of ramses
billy idol - don't you (forget about me)
alt-j (∆) - matilda
futurecop! - N.A.S.A.
crass - birth control n' rock n' roll
new young pony club - the get go
arthur brown - fire!
the dentists - house the size of mars
aphex twin - we are the music makers
splashh - vacation
siouxsie & the banshees - the double life
tricky - bonnie & clyde
bus station loonies - hops & barley
syd barrett - it is obvious
psychic TV - being lost
chapel club - all the eastern girls
go kart mozart - queen of the scene
dream frequency - feel so real
sham 69 - tell us the truth
stereo MCs - all night long
the grid - swamp thing
citizen fish - home economics
the wombats - let's dance to joy division
culture shock - punks on postcards

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  1. Oh no!! I'm so sorry the show was cancelled that sucks :( Hopefully they reschedule!! I had Morrissey cancel on me twice.. or three times, i forget but twice for sure. was supposed to see him in october, then he re scheduled for january, and then he cancelled that too. So i definitely know the feeling! Im sure they will play detroit though so dont worry!

  2. anytime i'm glad you liked it :) let me know if OMD reschedule, i might go... if im not still poor.. lol