Sunday, July 14, 2013

Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time! Show tracks for Sat. July 13/13

Next week there will be a special guest host on Cowboys & Indies, as I will getting my 80s dance on at OMD. Clara from The Washing Machine here at CJAM has graciously agreed to fill in for me, even though she wanted to go to the show too. Check out her show blog to see what her regular show is all about here Show her some Saturday love. This way you get a live show instead of a repeat. Thanks so much Clara! And I'll see in 2 weeks!

A mixture of new and old tonight! New Manic Street Preachers, Adam Franklin, King Krule, Vuvuvultures, Black Onassis and Arthur Beatrice. Plus, Maps in the LP Session. Not to mention a couple 80s gems just to perk up your evening. Hope you enjoyed the show.

the polysonic - unstoppable
east india youth - heaven, how long
manic street preachers - rewind the film w/ richard hawley
travis - another guy
parlour flames - never heard of you
lloyd cole - blue like mars
omd - tesla girls [request]
blancmange - waves
b.e.f. - didn't i blow your mind this time feat green gartside
arthur beatrice - vandals
beth rowley - wrethced body
lp session - maps "vicissitude"
maps - a.m.a.
maps - you will find a way
maps - left behind
vuvuvultures - steel bones
black onassis - brain feat ben gautrey
womens murder club - gaze
my bloody valentine - in another way
primal scream - sideman
johnny marr - new town velocity
edwyn collins - 31 years
house of love - low black clouds
beady eye - iz rite
adam franklin & the bolts of melody - boocat leah
king krule - easy easy
oceaán - neéd u
fuck buttons - stalker

Download it here!
Part One
Part Two

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