Saturday, June 8, 2013

Disco Tryst! Show tracks for Sat. June 8/13

Occasionally the show will take on a totally different direction than I originally planned or thought. Tonight was one of those shows. Technical difficulties prevented me from playing several tracks that I intended. The result was a second half of the show that was done on the fly. Guerilla djing if you will. It all turned out OK in the end. There's always next week to play the stuff that got left out tonight. I still got lots of great new material in for you. New material from Hot Chip, White Lies, Editors, Disclosure, Fuck Buttons, Loom, Gaz Coombes and Chapel Club in the LP Session.
Download White Lies' 'Getting Even' for free:
Hope you enjoyed the show!

camera obscura - new year's resolutions
the pastels - summer rain
white lies - getting even
ecstasy - teenage coma
editors - the sting
totem terrors - disco tryst
joy of sex - red rocket
the brute chorus - pennies from heaven
noah & the whale - lifetime
folks - we're all dead
disclosure - latch feat sam smith
disclosure - january feat jamie woon
arthur beatrice - carter (cut) feat elle girardot
bodywork - the grind
bipolar sunshine - rivers
lp session - chapel club "good together"
chapel club - sequins
chapel club - scared
chapel club - fruit machine
hot chip - dark & stormy
gabriel bruce - zoe
earthling brains - you've got nothing left to get off your chest
gaz coombes - one of these days
temple songs - passed caring
love l.u.v. - in my daydreams
loom - acid city king
hella better dancer - sleep (demo)
fuck buttons - the red wing
my electric sky - last great escape
tripwires - shimmer
no middle name - another season
pins - stay true
bleech - not like you
crystal fighters - love natural

Click these handy links to download the show;
Part One
Part Two

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