Sunday, January 24, 2010

Show tracks Sat. Jan. 23/10

I slipped up this week, I totally forgot that the sports pre-emption was this week. I thought it was next week. Of course, the game had to go into overtime and a Sorry for the mix-up.
Since the show was significantly shorter, I concentrated on new releases.

hurts - wonderful life (arthur baker remix)
united nations of sound - are you ready?
the courteeners - you overdid it doll
sound of guns - elementary of youth
delphic - sanctuary
----lp session #1 these new puritans "hidden"
these new puritans - three thousand
these new puritans - attack music
these new puritans - fire power
these new puritans - white chords
the magic theatre - st. agnes eve
lucky soul - white russian doll
pale sunday - shooting star
fitness club fiasco - forest city
gorillaz - stylo w/bobby womack & mos def
sub focus - could this be real
groove armada - shameless w/bryan ferry
kraftwerk - kometenmelodie 2
four tet - she just likes to fight
----lp session #2 northern portrait "criminal art lovers"
northern portrait - the munchhausen in me
northern portrait - the operation worked but the patient died
northern portrait - criminal art lovers
everybody was in the french resistance…now! - g.i.r.l.f.r.e.n (you know i've got a)
hadouken! - m.a.d.
pin me down - time crisis

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