Sunday, January 31, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 30/10

It was good to see Lloyd Cole again in Detroit on Thursday. He played with what he calls his Small Ensemble (basically means unplugged). He featured tons of classics and one new song from his upcoming lp. So, as we do, we open the show with some Lloyd Cole and even a Lloyd Cole song reference.

I decided yesterday that there will be another episode of Rewind! on Saturday Feb. 13/10. So tune in for all your faves from yesteryear!

lloyd cole & the commotions - forest fire
lloyd cole & the commotions - are you ready to be heartbroken?
camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
the hotrats - drive my car
codeine velvet club - the black roses
ash - lay down your arms
ash - gallow's hill
ellie goulding - starry eyed
marina & the diamonds - hollywood (gonzales remix)
gemma ray - 1952 w/joe gideon
vv brown - l.o.v.e.
franz ferdinand w/marion cotillard - the eyes of mars
futureheads - struck dumb
animal kingdom - silence summons you
----lp session #1 good shoes "no hope, no future"
good shoes - i know
good shoes - our loving mother in a pink diamond
good shoes - 1000 miles an hour
good shoes - then she walks away
hot chip - thieves in the night
goldfrapp - rocket
woodhands - coolchazine
mirrors - into the heart
race horses - man in my mind
everybody was in the french resistance…now! - g.i.r.l.f.r.e.n. (you know I've got a)
two door cinema club - undercover martyn
these new puritans - hologram
chew lips - play together
hurts - blood tears gold
northern portrait - stirling moss
martha & the muffins - crosswalk
----lp session #2 los campesinos! "romance is boring"
los campesinos! - romance is boring
los campesinos! - (plan a)
los campesinos! - i warned you do not make an enemy of me
sunshine underground - scream and shout
godsmania - higher lower
secret rivals - break song
the wolfmen - mr sunday

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