Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2021 - May Albums

  • The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

    1. ENDLESS ARCADE  (LP)   ...  Teenage Fanclub  (Merge Records)
    2. BRIGHT GREEN FIELD  (LP)  ...  Squid  (Warp Records)
    3. ANOTHER LIFE  (LP)  ...  Hadda Be  (Last Night From Glasgow)
    4. BEACHY HEAD  (LP)  ...  Beachy Head  (Graveface Records)
    5. FAT POP VOL 1  (LP)  ...  Paul Weller  (Solid Bond/Polydor)
    6. CORAL ISLAND  (LP)  ...  The Coral  (Run On Records/Modern Sky)
    7. SEEKING NEW GODS  (LP)  ...  Gruff Rhys  (Rough Trade)
    8. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT  (LP)  ...  Moderate Rebels  (Moshi Moshi)
    9. DIVINE INVASIONS  (LP)  ...  Ritual Cloak  (Bubblewrap Records)
    10. CONTENDER  (LP)  ...  Fightmilk  (Reckless Yes Records)
    11. THE DEEP END  (LP)  ...  The Lucid Dream  (Holy Are You)
    12. MONTHLY FRIEND  (LP)  ...  Wyldest  (Hand In Hive)
    13. THE SUN, THE MOON, THE WIND, THE SEA  (LP)  ...  The Fixers  (Dolphin Love)
    14. INFINITE PLEASURE   (LP)  ...  The Pale White  (Illegal Cinema)
    15. EXOTIC MONSTERS  (LP)  ...  Penfriend  (My Big Sister Recordings)
    16. BLACKEST BLUE  (LP)  ...  Morcheeba  (Fly Agaric Records)
    17. THE CULT OF WATER  (LP)  ...  Oddfellow's Casino  (Nightjar Records)
    18. THE PROBLEM OF LEISURE  (LP)  ...  Andy Gill and Gang of Four Tribute  (Gill Music)
    19. THE EARLY TAPES  (LP)  ...  The KVB  (TaqueOT)
    20. THE POWER OF ROCKS  (LP)  ...  Buffet Lunch  (Upset The Rhythm)

    Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for May 2021

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