Sunday, March 28, 2021

Every Beat That Passed! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 27/21

  • shame - 6-1
    dry cleaning - strong feelings
    billy nomates - right behind you
    pastel - deeper than holy
    king hannah - state trooper
    thrillhouse - where the roads don't go
    blanketman - national trust
    gruff rhys - loan your loneliness
    the coral - lover undiscovered
    teenage fanclub - the sun won't shine on me
    wyldest - hollow
    k÷93 - remembrance day
    warpaint - paralysed
    workfriends - sick and tired
    oddfellow’s casino - from swerve of shore to bend of bay
    -----northern soul spotlight   
    larry laster - go for yourself
    mitch ryder & the detroit wheels - breakout
    the casualeers - dance dance dance
    the watts 103rd street rhythm band - the joker (on a trip thru the jungle)
    -----lp session - new pagans 'the seed, the vessel, the roots and all'   
    new pagans - bloody soil
    new pagans - lily yeats
    new pagans - yellow room
    paul weller - glad times
    the go! team - world remember me now
    unkle - if we don't make it
    arlo parks - just go
    hadda be - wait in the dark
    fightmilk - overbite
    black honey - back to the bar
    black honey - i do it to myself
    glok - that time of night
    sonic boom - tick tock (remix)
    my bloody valentine - nothing much to lose
    a ritual sea - desire lines
    julia sophie - and you know it
    lost horizons feat kavi kwai - every beat that passed (dan carey remix)
    dora lachaise - i confess
    hannya white - for you, without love
    squid - paddling
    l'objectif - drive in mind
    sorry - cigarette packet
    home counties - white shirt clean shirt
    black midi - john l
    the klf - jarvis joins the jams (trailer) 
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