Sunday, June 14, 2020

Feels Like Fun! Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 13/20

iLiKETRAiNS - the truth
bloxx - lie out loud
offworld - i found out
gorillaz - dirty harry
black grape - reverend black grape
wargasm (uk) - spit.
close lobsters - the absent guest (no thing no there)
close lobsters - bird free
beat hotel - daddy, i drown
the clientele - closer
travis - oh ghost
belle & sebastian - nice day for a sulk
teenage fanclub - discolite
the mighty orchid king - swirling
pleasure island - help me NHS
fuzzbox - i can't do anything (x-ray spex cover)
x-ray spex - i can't do anything
-----northern soul spotlighht
al hudson & the soul partners - i’m about lovin’ you
magic night - if you and i had never met
jay & the techniques - don't ask me to forget
alfie davison - love is a serious business
-----lp session - sports team 'deep down happy'
sports team - lander
sports team - long hot summer
sports team - feels like fun
bugeye - blue fire
kat five - kiss kiss
dolls - eggshells
tj roberts - sinceridipity
pet shop boys - west end girls (new lockdown version)
cloth - curiosity door
hatchie & the pains of being pure at heart - sometimes always (JAMC cover)
house of love - christine (16 track demo)
bdrmm - a reason to celebrate (GLOK remix)
for breakfast - bill season
hot dreams - raincoat
psychic markers - pulse
-----lp session - the cool greenhouse 'the cool greenhouse'
the cool greenhouse - smile, love!
the cool greenhouse - 4chan
the cool greenhouse - subletters pt.2
madness - night boat to cairo (string quartet version)
the nje - nought to 60
thousand yard stare - a thousand yards (a panglossian momentum)

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