Sunday, April 12, 2020

After Hours! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 11/20

During the Covid-19 lockdown the show is recorded in 2 halves at my personal studio. Last night the show was aired in backwards order, 2nd part 1st, then the 1st part. The first tracks aired were the Es LP Session and the show concluded with the Northern Soul Spotlight. Hopefully the confusion didn't ruin your listening experience.

sorry - perfect
catholic action - another name for loneliness
porridge radio - sweet
pins - after hours
mumm-ra - summer
mealtime - rain like this
scrounge - night stand
just mustard - frank
warm digits - frames and cages
warm digits - the view from nowhere feat emma pollock
sonic boom - the way that you live
haarm - tell me what you want
fever - electric
boo radleys - find the answer within
buzzard buzzard buzzard - hollywood actors
chupa cabra - russian models
violet hours - alone with everyone
mccarthy - you had to go and open your big mouth
the vaselines - son of a gun
james dean driving experience - sean connery
-----northern soul spotlight
jay & the techniques - mister onederful
sandra wright - midnight affair
helene & the brookside orchestra - standing room only
-----lp session - es 'less of everything'
es - foundation
es - severed
es - kingdom come
bdrmm - is that what you wanted to hear?
for breakfast - mother
doves - here it comes
richard ashcroft - a song for the lovers
the lovely eggs - you’ve got the balls
the lovely eggs - the mothership
mush - fear index
hallan - yesterday (with him)
venus grrrls - no signs
the golden age of tv - sway
savage gary feat clams baker - a letter to brian eno
-----lp session - mystery jets 'a billion heartbeats'
mystery jets - endless city
mystery jets - cenotaph
mystery jets - watching yourself slowly disappear
idle youth - pompeii
banshees - tell me everything
spector - when did we get so normal


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