Sunday, February 16, 2020

Performance Space Number One! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 15/20

blossoms - like gravity
girl ray - friend like that
buzzcocks - gotta get better
gang of four - the dying rays (2020)
julian cope - your facebook, my laptop
boomtown rats - trash glam baby
lions of dissent - dreams like drugs
lexytron -- tell the vein
kissing the pink - love lasts forever
the passions - i'm in love with a german film star
sigue sigue sputnik - love missile f1-11
the distant minds - blasphemy
summer camp - barefoot in the park
summer camp - you complete me
pins - hot slick
tim burgess - empathy for the devil
-----london is the place for me
lord beginner - sons and daughters of africa
dai dai simba - modern telephone
the mighty terror - life is like a puzzle
the lion - highway code
-----lp session - mush '3d routine'
mush - fruits of the happening
mush - gig economy
mush - no signal in the paddock
the house of love - road
ride - black nite crash
jesus and mary chain - never understand
primal scream - kill all hippies
the illicits - what i need
the shambolics - sandra speed
harkin - nothing the night can't change
catholic action - another name for loneliness
shopping - follow me
working men's club - white rooms & people
buzzard buzzard buzzard - john lennon is my jesus christ
human pet - automated
-----lp session - psycho comedy 'performance space number one'
psycho comedy - standin'
psycho comedy - sleepwalking
psycho comedy - the hangman
mystery jets - a billion heartbeats
the pale white - polaroid
drug store romeos - frame of reference
hot minute - drive


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