Sunday, December 15, 2019

Notes From The Undergrowth! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 14/19

coach party - oh lola
ghost car - virginia & vita
seamonsters - how to be famous
moderate rebels - every cheat you meet sings love songs
brian eno - everything's on the up with the tories
madness - bullingdon boys
catholic action - people don't protest enough
benefits - taking us back
idles - great (live at le bataclan)
baxter dury - carla's got a boyfriend
bat for lashes - desert man (piano version)
field music - beyond that of courtesy
cloth - felt
whyte horses - mister natural feat la roux
charmpit - bridges go burn
cruel hearts club - hey compadre
dollie demi - unknown
hussy - ylmd (you let me down)
thyla - december
vlure - desire
italia 90 - an episode
cruelty - leather boy
-----lp session - gabi garbutt 'the discredited language of angels'
gabi garbutt - reason to believe
gabi garbutt - notes from the undergrowth
gabi garbutt - bright tiger eyes
gabi garbutt - down by the waterside
james righton - devil is loose
the aliens - robot man (live on the moon)
pva - divine intervention
spqr - nuthin gud
penny betts - electric ballroom dress
keys - pussyfooting/gareth bale (killed my scene)
floodhounds - out of time
silent forum - credit to mark sinker
thrillhouse - one of these days
-----lp session - emily capell 'combat frock'
emily capell - bombs to the beatles
emily capell - who killed smiley culture?
emily capell - lunatics on de run
boomtown rats - she's so modern
hester & the heathens - money
the heartless - heartless


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