Sunday, November 10, 2019

It's pledge drive time again!

A huge thank you to Adrian, Sharon, Erin & Kate, Gina and Anon Y Mous for pledging through our show. A thank you as well to all who have pledged to CJAM so far. You can still do so, the link will remain active into the new year.

Ontario government's new omnibus education spending bill has been upheld and the direct results now mean that CJAM's budget has to be aided by listener support more than ever. The uncertainty will be different every single semester and we need to raise more money via different avenues. So I need your help to let me continue to do what I love to do. Any amount helps the cause and will be appreciated greatly. Consider a pledge to CJAM to keep local alternative/underground radio broadcasting alive!

Long live Cowboys & Indies and CJAM 99.1FM!

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