Sunday, June 16, 2019

Slow Dancers! Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 15/19

honeyblood - touch
piroshka - heartbeats
rose elinor dougall - take what you can get
salad - under the wrapping paper
sleeper - inbetweener (live in manchester)
black honey - i don't ever wanna love
the perfect english weather - call me when the rain comes (drum mix)
little boots - secret
sacred paws - what's so wrong
sacred paws - write this down
sinead o'brien - taking on time
meggie brown - d for danny
bis - there is no poimt (other than the point that there is no point)
venus (grrrls) - sour
scrounge - purpose
nova twins - devil's face
editors - frankenstein
kaiser chiefs - people know how to love one another
hot chip - echo
hot chip - why does my mind
high hazels - slow dancers
shed seven - dolphin
james - sit down
-----lp session - kate tempest 'the book of traps and lessons'
kate tempest - keep moving don't move
kate tempest - all humans too late
kate tempest - firesmoke
bat for lashes - kids in the dark
keel her - necessities
meatraffle - london life
madonnatron - bone dumb grunt
madonnatron - venus & rahu
baby strange - viewpoint
is bliss - fall
is bliss - what to believe
joy division - shadowplay
membranes - a strange perfume
membranes - magical & mystical properties of flowers
-----lp session - younghusband 'swimmers'
younghusband - sister
younghusband - grinding teeth
younghusband - it's not easy
miles kane - can you see me now
dan lyons - waiting for the man
life - hollow thing


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