Sunday, January 6, 2019

From Chaos to Harmony! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 5/19

Welcome to the first new show of the new year! Tonight we focus on some Bands To Watch for 2019 as picked by some notable publications and myself. All that and some new releases as well.

yonaka - fired up
yassassin - wreckless
thyla - blue
ian brown - black roses
ian brown - from chaos to harmony
sundara karma - the changeover
sugarthief - good luck i hope you make it
sugarthief - modern man
hmltd - death drive
the cosmics - johnny
the night café - i'm fine
valeras - intentions
black futures - trance
baby strange - job in the city (working for nothing)
jim jones & the righteous mind - out align
hands off gretel - s.a.s.s.
red rum club - would you rather be lonely?
red rum club - angeline
the good arms - sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll
-----northern soul spotlight
chuck jackson - who's gonna pick up the pieces
jan bradley - mama didn't lie
the impressions - little young lover
tommy hunt - the work song
david bowie - boys keep swinging (live on SNL)
elvis costello & the attractions - goon squad
kirsty maccoll - he's on the beach
kirsty maccoll - a new england
billy bragg - help save the youth of america
stats - rhythm of the heart
stats - i am an animal
auld - need her still
walt disco - your echoes fall
you tell me - invisible ink
sea girls - all i want to hear you say
sports teams - margate
indoor pets - being strange
pillow queens - gay girls
zuzu - get off
anteros - fool moon
ider - you got your whole life ahead of you
another sky - avalanche
easy pieces - pockets
whenyoung - pretty pure
stereo honey - what makes a man

1979 Saturday Night Live - 3 - Boys Keep Swinging from alikzubr on Vimeo.


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