Sunday, March 4, 2018

Put It On A T-Shirt! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 3/18

belle & sebastian - best friend
peace - power
spinn - who you are
the rainkings - searcher
flyte - victoria falls
the vaccines - put it on a t-shirt
blossoms - i can't stand it
gengahr - where wilderness grows
ladytron - the animals
the ninth wave - new kind of ego
ride - keep it surreal
-----lp session - go-kart mozart "mozart's mini mart"
go-kart mozart - anagram of we sold apes
go-kart mozart - relative poverty
go-kart mozart - big ship
go-kart mozart - knickers on the line by 3 chord fraud
pj harvey & harry escott - an acre of land
dream wife - act my age
adwaith - change
ist ist - preacher's warning
snapped ankles - cia man (nsa man violation)
the kills - list of demands (reparations)
the cure - want
-----lp session - embrace "love is a basic need"
embrace - never feat kerri watt
embrace - where you sleeping
embrace - my luck comes in threes
david bowie & lou reed - waiting for the man (live)
damian o'neill & the monotones - sweet 'n' sour
the undertones - jimmy jimmy
u2 - seconds
simple minds - chelsea girl
cabbage - preach to the converted
shed seven - she left me on friday
franz ferdinand - feel the love go
soft cell - bedsitter
everything everything - the mariana
dan lyons - big moon
----lp session - the lovely eggs "this is eggland"
the lovely eggs - hello i am your son
the lovely eggs - i shouldn't have said that
the lovely eggs - return of witchcraft
whyte horses - the best of it feat la roux
vinyl staircase - last i heard
boys - hollywood
himalayas - if i tell you


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