Sunday, February 11, 2018

Beautiful Despair! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 10/18

kite base - nineteen
django django - real gone
autobahn - the world around you is fractured somehow
dose - furniture
vinyl staircase - cherry
dark horses - yes yes yes
mien - earth moon
television personalities - if you fly to high
television personalities - i like that in a girl
the monochrome set - i feel fine (really)
i, ludicrous - ladytron
fontaines dc - chequeless reckless
seazoo - shoreline
average sex - we're done
tracey thorn - queen
lost colours - one space left feat rebekah dobbims
simple minds - angel underneath my skin
-----northern soul spotlight
delilah kennebreuw - bright lights
the olympics - raining in my heart
ben aiken - if i told you once (i told you a million times)
the olympics - no more will i cry
-----lp session - franz ferdinand "always ascending"
franz ferdinand - the academy award
franz ferdinand - lois lane
franz ferdinand - huck and jim
queen zee & the sasstones - victim age
hypnosister - poorly boy
sheafs - shock machine
the fratellis - starcrossed lovers
dead! - the boys + the boys
dead! - jessica
goat girl - the man
dream wife - taste
berries - faults
the jjohns - lucy
the gaa gaa's - voltaire
phobophobes - the never never
phobophobes - the fun
-----lp session - the wombats "beautiful people will ruin your life"
the wombats - black flamingo
the wombats - i only wear black
the wombats - dip you in honey
night flowers - cruel wind
the cure - love song (acoustic)
mansun - stripper vicar


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