Sunday, January 14, 2018

Songs Of Praise! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 13/18

david bowie - the width of a circle
david bowie - let's dance (demo)
ian mcculloch - me and david bowie
lost horizons - on the day you died
the blue nile - the downtown lights
franz ferdinand - feel the love go
simple minds - the signal and the noise
soft riot - the eyes on the walls
pizzagirl - favourite song
chris carter - blissters
hypntoic kingdom - perfect paradise
hypntoic kingdom - don't be afraid
-----northern soul spotlight - motown birthday bash
frank wilson - do i love you (indeed i do)
the velvelettes - these things will keep me loving you
the contours - just a little misunderstanding
r. dean taylor - there's a ghost in my house
the elgins - heaven must have sent you
the spinners - i'll always love you
the supremes - love is like an itching in my heart
-----lp session - shame "songs of praise"
shame - dust on trial
shame - gold hole
shame - friction
ride - catch you dreaming
hookworms - static resistance
the cure - the hanging garden
belle & sebastian - the same star
the fratellis - i've been blind
gaz coombes - deep pockets
inheaven - sweet dreams baby
field music - time in joy
-----lp session - the go! team "semicircle"
the go! team - chain link fence
the go! team - the answer's no…now what's the question?
the go! team - getting back up
shopping - wild child
xtc - life begins at the hop
the skids - this is our world
lonely tourist - last day at tony's


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