Sunday, December 17, 2017

Living In A Radio City! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 16/17

thyla - tell each other lies
yonaka - bubblegum (maya jane coles remix)
pale waves - my obsession
johnny marr & maxine peake - the priest
belle & sebastian - fickle friends
the luxembourg signal - are you numb?
the big pink - how far we've come (feat io echo)
jagara - twice
jagara - retrograde
firestations - build a building
lock - new york vs paris
the others - 21st century decline
trampolene - imagine something yesterday
towers of london - superbowl
the clash - hitsville uk
the clash - police on my back
-----northern soul spotlight
the appolas - pretty red balloons
baby lloyd - there's something on your mind
the invincibles - can't win
carl hall - like i told you
-----lp session - serpent power "electric looneyland"
serpent power - howling
serpent power - jeckyll & hyde
serpent power - in the witching hour
serpent power - gates of heaven
iggy pop & jarvis cocker - red right hand
hotel lux - envoi
spinning coin - metronome river
goat girl - scream
alien stadium - the moon is not your friend
temples - roman godlike man (toe rag session)
hypnotic kingdom - perfect paradise
catholic action - new year (christmas miracle mix)
meatraffle - the bird song
lily allen - trigger bang feat giggs
cross wires - i want radio
cross wires - modern art
swedish death candy - broken engrams
swedish death candy - living your life away
nick jd hodgson - suitable
ultras - you've a foul mouth john barleycorn
milk disco - weekender


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