Sunday, October 29, 2017

Artificial Pleasure! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 28/17

Well, the pledge drive is over for another year. Thanks to all who took the time to donate and support CJAM this year. Don't worry if you didn't pledge and still want to the links be will active for a long while, so surf on in. There's never a time limit on being a superstar and helping volunteer campus/community radio.

mogwai - crossing the road material
93millionmilesfromthesun - slowdive
the orielles - let your dogtooth grow
the go! team - semicircle song
teleman - repeater (boxed in)
false advertising - hey you
blushes - to the bone
brian eno & kevin shields - only once away my son
amusement parks on fire - our goal to realise
kite base - transition
the telescopes - the desert in your heart
franz ferdinand - always ascending
gengahr - mallory
names - limb by limb
hollie cook - freefalling
lions of dissent - shangri-la city
mark stewart - forbidden colours
sinead o'connor - jerusalem
-----lp session - baxter dury "prince of tears"
baxter dury - mungo
baxter dury - almond milk feat jason williamson
baxter dury - august
baxter dury - wanna
noel gallaghers high flying birds - fort knox
morrissey - i wish you lonely
egyptian blue - cut me a hole
the rainkings - good times
drahla - silk spirit
dream wife - let's make out
pink kink - munchie magic
cabbage - kevin (skeleton key mix)
cut glass kings - the devil inside
serpent power - golden dawn
nick power - sing along
-----lp session - catholic action "in memory of"
catholic action - say nothing
catholic action - doing well
catholic action - childhood home
artificial pleasure - wound up tight
autobahn - execution rise
fehm - human age
sex pistols - pretty vacant


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