Sunday, March 19, 2017

Singing Rule Britannia! Show racks for Sat. Mar. 18/17

Opening the show to the sad news of John Lever, drummer for The Chameleons, passed away this past Monday. John was a great drummer from a highly under-rated band. A personal favourite of mine. We pay tribute with the opening two songs. RIP John

Then move on the the sad news of the day that rock 'n' roll originator Chuck Berry passed away. To pay tribute we air a special Northern Soul Spotlight featuring his brand of rock genius. RIP Chuck

the chameleons - up the down escalator (r.i.p. john lever)
the chameleons - in shreds
kasabian - you're in love with a psycho
post war glamour girls - organ donor
pins - all hail
sahara - rearranging
year of birds - western splits (after lear)
bad breeding - the more the merrier
dream wife - somebody
ghost car - stuck in the mud
our girl - sad fuzz
the orielles - sugar tastes like salt
public service broadcasting - progress feat tracyanne campbell
alt-j - 3ww (3 worn words)
the xx - replica
goldfrapp - ocean
-----northern soul spotlight - r.i.p. chuck berry
chuck berry - down bound train
chuck berry - jo jo gunne
chuck berry - rock and roll music
chuck berry - little queenie
chuck berry - memphis, tennessee
-----lp session - secret shine "there is only now"
secret shine - burning stars
secret shine - to the well
secret shine - things i said
monster movie - keep the voices distant
temples - mystery of pop
the fiction aisle - outskirts (revisited)
sunstack jones - sun is always
the pale white - deciever
desperate journalist - be kind
feral five - man cat doll machine
rosko - the boys
ginger snaps - number crunching
circa waves - out on my own
circa waves - stuck
manuela - invincible
fickle friends - hello hello
the jacques - no kamikaze
jennifer - i can't grow a new heart
the magic gang - how can i compete
king nun - hung around
jarvis cocker & chilly gonzalez - the other side
jarvis cocker & chilly gonzalez - ice cream as main course

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