Sunday, September 4, 2016

Shaking Their Bits To The Hits! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 3/16

stone roses - all for one
factory floor - upper left
the courteeners - no one will ever replace us
coquin migale - socrata
thing - catcall
the shanklins - tell me
heavy heart - fever dream
dodgy - california gold
tim burgess & peter gordon - oh men
tim burgess & peter gordon - say
shearwater - yassassin (turkish for long live)
suede - beautiful ones
kasabian - me plus one
boredom - turn your head
still corners - lost boys
shvllows - zurich
-----northern soul spotlight
the ambers - potion of love
levi jackson - this beautiful day
dena barnes - if you ever walk out of my life
the olympics - i'll do a little bit more
ben aiken - satisfied
-----lp session - the wedding present "going going"
the wedding present - two bridges
the wedding present - little silver
the wedding present - kill devil hills
the wedding present - lead
ultimate painting - song for brian jones
the kills - impossible tracks
urusei yatsura - slain by elf (evening session)
urusei yatsura - phasers on stun (evening session)
the pearl harts - go hard
catholic action - rita ora
beach baby - smoke won't get me high
beach baby - bug eyed and blonde
tokyo tea room - like a drug
aathens - i wanna be a totem
-----lp session - the divine comedy "foreverland"
the divine comedy - to the rescue
the divine comedy - i joined the foreign legion (to forget)
the divine comedy - a desperate man
everything everything - i believe it now
autoheart - love is the cure
this is the bridge - being nothing
the spitfires - open my eyes


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