Sunday, July 24, 2016

Goin' To A Happening! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 23/16

It's getting to be second hand writing about musicians that have passed away. It's been a long year and it's not done yet. Hopefully, these tributes are for a while. This week the music community lost Alan Vega, co-founder of Suicide. He may not have been as well known in the mainstream as Bowie or Prince but his influences were huge to musicians. Tonight we open the show with 2 covers of his songs by English artists.

spaceman 3 - ché (suicide cover)
savages - dream baby dream (suicide cover)
pj harvey - guilty
big deal - v.i.t.r.i.o.l.
bear's den - gabriel
jc flowers - proletarieterette
peaness - i'm not your problem
the wedding present - bear
bat-bike - sean lemon
the cult of dom keller - broken arm of god
gangs - thieves
the zutons - valerie
amy winehouse - you know i'm no good
tim burgess & peter gordon - begin
crispy ambulance - leviathan
the deadline shakes - shelters
-----northern soul spotlight
sam ward - sister lee
the valentinos - sweeter than the day before
tommy neal - goin' to a happening
stanley mitchell - get it baby
-----lp session - bosco rogers "post exotic"
bosco rogers - anvers
bosco rogers - beach! beach! beach!
bosco rogers - drinking for two
bosco rogers - true romance
dead rabbits - get me over there
paws - clarity
syd arthur - sun rays
coves - i just don't care
pink flames - i'm just a star on a democratic flag
little green cars - good women do
last shadow puppets - used to be my girl
night flowers - amy
shura - what happened to us?
wild beasts - celestial creatures
oasis - d'you know what i mean (ng's 2016 rethink)
the indigo palms - glow
black market karma - phony ailments
black market karma - heavy headed
cross wires - i want radio
beyond the wizards sleeve - iron age
three trapped tigers - strebek


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