Saturday, May 21, 2016

Resolutionary Songs! Show tracks for Sat. May 21/16

sea pinks - ordinary daze
oscar - only friend feat marika hackman
paul draper - feeling my heart run slow
gemma ray - there must be more than this
fur blend - serotonin
ultimate painting - into the darkness
slowdive - souvlaki space station
spring king - the summer
the hidden charms - cannonball
ned's atomic dustbin - grey cell green
man made - hi tech low life
house of love - christine
-----lp session #1 - kate jackson "british road movies"
kate jackson - wonder feeling
kate jackson - lie to me
kate jackson - the atlantic
abc - viva love
-----northern soul spotlight
bobby hebb - love, love, love
the capitols - cool jerk
mary love - you turned my bitter into sweet
the dells - it's all up to you
jason knight - our love is getting stronger
james blake - choose me
james blake - i need a forest fire feat bon iver
vivien goldman - launderette
the slits - typical girls (brink style)
ruts dc - psychic disturbance
primal scream - private wars
jean-michel jarre - as one feat primal scream
-----lp session #2 - deux furieuses "tracks of wire"
deux furieuses - philistines
deux furieuses - i want my life back
deux furieuses - time to mourn
kobadelta - hold yr'self
band of skulls - bodies
curve - ten little girls
whyte horses - promise i do
richard ashcroft - they don't own me
richard ashcroft - everybody needs somebody to hurt
theme park - you are ready
beth orton - moon
exploded view - orlando
glass animals - life itself

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