Saturday, April 9, 2016

What Happened To My Rock 'n' Roll! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 9/16

Just dawned on me today that I can't attend the Jammy Awards ceremony next Friday, I have concert tickets. Oh well, I'll know by the next show if we won or not. I should host a contest to have someone go and accept the award for us. Naw, if I do that we'll lose for sure!

savages - strife
iggy pop - sunday
lush - lost boy
beach baby - lost soul
black market karma - where i am needed
ist ist - white swan
dark willow - dolphine
the big moon - cupid
wendy james - bad intentions and a bit of cruelty
she makes war - cold shoulder feat tanya donelly
telegram - taffy come home
black rebel motorcycle club - what happened to my rock 'n' roll (punk song)
massive attack - daydreaming feat shara nelson
the heavy - turn up
the heavy - mean ol' man
arthur beatrice - every cell
-----northern soul spotlight
curtis lee - is she in your town?
bobby womack - what is this
the casualeers - dance dance dance
just brothers - sliced tomatoes
len barry - one two three
-----lp session - ben watt "fever dream"
ben watt - fever dream
ben watt - women's company
ben watt - faces of my friends
kate jackson - the end of reason
the last shadow puppets - miracle aligner
french leave - tourist
stereolab - motoroller scalatron
cavern of anti-matter - echolalia
the vryll society - le jetee
floodhounds - a&e
heavy heart - yellowbird
frightened rabbit - get out
frightened rabbit - die like a rich boy
three trapped tigers - silent earthling
stockholm monsters - national pastime
from apes to angels - one for me
exmagician - kiss that wealth goodbye
the wild swans - young manhood
toothless - terra


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  1. Great to see ist ist on here. Incredible live band