Saturday, February 13, 2016

Melody In High Feedback Tones! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 13/16

visage - days become dark
the anchoress - chip on your shoulder
cavern of anti-matter - melody in high feedback tones
department m - bad formulae
gylt - light on
teleman - düsseldorf
the bluetones - bluetonic
september girls - love no one
new desert blues - milk & honey
seawitches - fatheads
mystified - acid gasp
lead sister - wax
savages - sad person
david bowie - i can't give everyting away
the heavy - since you been gone
james blake - modern soul
-----northern soul spotlight
the mvp's - turning my heartbeat up
the precisions - if this is love (i'd rather be lonely)
r. dean taylor - there's a ghost in my house
darrel banks - open the door to your heart
shirley ellis - soul time
-----lp session - flowers "everybody's dying to meet you"
flowers - intrusive thoughts
flowers - how do you do
flowers - my only firened
the lucid dream - bad texan
spaceman 3 - when tomorrow hits
ulrika spacek - she's a cult
the sea pinks - trend when you're dead
catholic action - l.u.v.
night flowers - chaser
sundara karma - a young understanding
the tuts - do i have to look for love?
tall poppies - cat got your tongue?
man made - raining in my head
belle & sebastian - another sunny day
-----lp session #2 - working for a nuclear free city "what do people do all day?"
working for a nuclear free city - stop everything
working for a nuclear free city - new day
working for a nuclear free city - blunderland
spring king - rectifier
t.o.y.s. - liquorice
yak - victorious (national anthem)
telegram - follow
**Sorry the link for the Night Flowers Bandcamp page wouldn't load, but you can still link to the track through the video page!


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