Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lightning In A Twilight Hour! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 17/15

I like the swagger. Can you give us another one? Chris Martin did 10 takes! lol

the wake - heartburn
ride - close my eyes
the charlatans - come home baby
noel gallagher's high flying birds - ballad of the mighty i
johnny marr - struck
peace - i'm a girl
gaz coombes - 20/20
yak - hungry heart
pretty vicious - cave song
palace - bitter
best friends - shred til you're dead
god damn - horus
the sundowners - if wishes were horses
liu bei - fields feat. rachel goswell
virginia wing - world contact
mark ronson - heavy & rolling feat. andrew wyatt
the ting tings - communication
-----northern soul spotlight
ronnie & robyn - as long as you love me (i'll stay)
the antellects - love slave
milton james - my lonely feeling
charlene & the soul serenaders - can you win
lester tipton - this won't change
-----lp session - wolfhounds "middle aged freaks"
the wolfhounds - slide
the wolfhounds - rats on a raft
the wolfhounds - the devil looks after her own
the wolfhounds - built-in obsolescence
djang django - first light
dutch uncles - decided knowledge
fireworks - on and on
holy holy - holy holy
belle & sebastian - enter sylvia plath
belle & sebastian - the book of you
-----mixtape memories
david bowie - look back in anger
ultravox - wide boys
the associates - boys keep swinging
james - someone's got it in for me
james blake - digital lion
gang of four - broken talk feat. allison mosshart
the pop group - mad truth
hooten tennis club - jasper
idlewild - come on ghost
lightning in a twilight hour - the memory museum


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