Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Modern Classics! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 19/14

What did you score for Record Store Day today? Only found 2 of the mere 5 releases I was interested in. Unfortunately the UK releases just simply don't make it over here. I fear the day has become to commercial. It seems to be all major label re-releases. Almost no new releases at all in North America. I like the social aspect of going to the record store but there is little to no excitement for actual buying anything. I really hope they start an online portion so that we can actually get some of the better tracks being released. Hope you fared better. We featured a couple RSD purchases in tonight's show.

blake - vinyl junkie
the view - i need that record
help stamp out loneliness - record shop
simple minds - east at easter
xtc - easter theatre
paul thomas saunders - appointment in samarra
the little deaths - daydreamer
peace - money
paul weller - brand new toy
aztecs - bad blood
rhodes - your soul
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the lollipops - look what you done boy
mary love - you turned my bitter into sweet
jj barnes - our love is in the pocket
chuck wood - seven days is too long
dee dee warwick - we're doing fine
-----lp session - pete williams "see"
pete williams - soon i'll be there
pete williams - are you listening?
pete williams - said i'd be the one
james - frozen britain
hockeysmith - but blood
loom - yosoko
trampolene - alcohol kiss
baby strange - distance yourself
pins - shoot you
telegram - rule number one
lvls (loveless) - blood dance
night flowers - embers
detachments - the promenade
yuck - athena
tears for fears - ready to start (arcade fire cover)
tijuana bibles - toledo
birdcage - chequered past
doe - sooner
the specials - sock it to 'em j.b. (dub)
the members - boys like dub

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