Saturday, January 25, 2014

Longest Day Of The Year Blues! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 25/14

If this "arctic vortex" doesn't stop soon, I'm going to hibernate. Just sayin'! It felt like a really long week, partly because I didn't leave the house from Thursday after work until tonight for the
Loads of great new music tonight to take your minds off the weather. A solid show if I do say so myself.

outfit - thank god I was dreaming
patterns - our ego
maxïmo park - lydia, the ink will never dry
fanfarlo - landlocked
the crookes - play dumb
los campesinos! - let it spill
johnny foreigner - le sigh
blood red shoes - an animal
the spectres - the sky of all places
peggy sue - longest day of the year blues
chain of flowers - death's got a hold of me
damon albarn - everyday robots
breton - s four
alpines - oasis
out cold - synchronised
lp session - the rifles "none the wiser"
the rifles - go lucky
the rifles - you win some
the rifles - the hardest place to find me
the rifles - under and over
dumb - super sonic love toy
coves - cast a shadow
racing glaciers - new country
september girls - green eyed
the battles of winter - a blackout for the bloodsuckers
keel her - don't look at me
east india youth - hinterland
east india youth - looking for someone
halls - forlesket
gloss rejection - male multiple
arthur beatrice - midland
gallon drunk - before the fire

Here to hear!
Part One
Part Two

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