Saturday, January 12, 2013

Step Up For The Cool Cats! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 12/13

Have you had enough of year end lists? Yeah, probably!
Back to the weekly grind here at Cowboys & Indies. The first new show of 2013. So as you would expect, there are lots of new releases. Plus a few hangovers from 2012 like the LP Session featuring Rachel Zeffira. In fact, so many new releases that we couldn't fit them all in.
Already shaping up to be a busy two months expecting new albums from Johnny Marr, Palma Violets, Foals, Everything Everything, Veronica Falls, Villagers, PEACE, Tribes, Hurts, Adam Ant, Courteeners, History Of Apple Pie...HOLY CRAP!! My poor wallet!
And that's just through February. I will be accepting donations

johnny marr - the right thing right
new order - hellbent
pulp - after you
palma violets - step up for the cool cats
amusement - mural
the passions - i'm in love with a german film star
life in film - cold wire
hurts - the road
the buggles - johnny on the monorail
yes - into the lens (i am a camera)
jacques caramac & the sweet generation - it takes all sorts…
kwes - rollerblades
nautic - fresh eyes
bibio - the palm of your wave
lp session - rachel zeffira "the deserters"
rachel zeffira - here on in
rachel zeffira - break the spell
rachel zeffira - to here knows when
my bloody valentine - to here knows when
waterbaby - my heart is a river
i am kloot - these days are mine
teleman - cristina
the wolfhounds - cheer up
dutch uncles - flexxin
this many boyfriends - tina weymouth
foals - my number
everything everything - kemosabe
as elephants are - lucifer
the history of apple pie - see you
comanechi - major move
bromheads - pleading on deaf
bank of joy - foreign love
courteeners - lose control
tribes - wrapped up in a carpet
birdy - people help the people
jake bugg - two fingers
general public - are you leading me on?

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