Saturday, January 21, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 21/12

Been grooving to a few songs this past week. Sometimes it doesn't have to be anything to complicated. Sometimes it's just a simple riff and some harmonies that will knock you on your ass.

Always Golden by Golden Fable

Great start to the new year, some great music already released. Two album sessions tonight from The Big Pink and Tribes. Go figure but British Sea Power have released new music in January again. The first of 6 new EPs this year. There's a little bit of everything tonight! Hope you enjoyed the show.

the black sharks - joker's wild
the van doos - black it out
british sea power - french pornographic novel
field music - (i keep thinking about) a new thing
mammal club - toward you with lust
butcher boy - the day our voices broke
model railway exhibition - jennifer's brother
girls names - black saturday
sea pinks - happy apparition
lizzie & the yes men - broadwalk
gross magic - yesterdays
golden fable - always golden
diagrams - tall buildings
midnight lion - when doves cry
elia & the low tears - i control your heartbeat
lp session - the big pink "future this"
the big pink - rubbernecking
the big pink - lose your mind
the big pink - 77
2 bears - work
52nd street - look into my eyes
maverick sabre - sometimes
solar bears - alpha people (feat. sarah p of keep shelly in athens)
inspiral carpets - head for the sun
the minutes - secret history
virals - magic happens
cinerama - london
clock opera - once and for all
zulu winter - we should be swimming
twilight sad - another bed
lp session - tribes "baby"
tribes - corner of an english field
tribes - nightdriving
tribes - walking in the street
big country - tracks of my tears (live at rockpalast 1986)
bear cavalry - roman summer
the cast of cheers - goose


  1. thanks for tuning in to washing machine and maximum joy! OMG psychedelic furs are just the most amazing band ever. are you going to the volunteer party saturday??? you should! pre-record!

  2. I did want to go but it was a crazy busy week with no time to pre-record or anything. When will they stop putting functions on Saturdays? lol

  3. Thanks for playing Jennifer's Brother, Cowboys and Indies. Love the show!