Sunday, July 11, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. July 10/10

Not to much to say this week other than "I'm melting!" I know you don't want to hear anyone complaining about the heat/humidity, but I work in it. It was over 100 degrees 4 times this week at work. Enough! I'm done. Stick the fork in and

After England's dismal (at times) performance, the Cup couldn't have worked out a better final. I think orange it shall be today, since the three lions are out.

steve mason - the letter
the villagers - becoming a jackal
i am arrows - green grass
get cape, wear cape, fly - morning light
bombay bicycle club - ivy & gold
florence & the machine - heavy in your arms
2.54 - creeping
blanche hudson weekend - let me go
autolux - supertoys
80s matchbox b-line disaster - i hate the blues
this many boyfriends - i don't like you (cuz you don't like the pastels)
tender trap - counting the hours
veronica falls - beachy head
the vaselines - i hate the 80s
----lp session #1 the coral "butterfly house"
the coral - roving jewel
the coral - she's comin' around
the coral - north parade
the coral - into the sun
young rebel set - won't get up again
best coast - boyfriend
wintersleep - terrible man
tokyo police club - not sick
kula shaker - peter pan r.i.p.
the bluetones - carry me home
divine comedy - can you stand upon one leg
othello woolf - doorstep
mystery jets - it's too late to talk
memoryhouse - sleep patterns
----lp session #2 the pipettes "earth vs the pipettes"
the pipettes - i need a little time
the pipettes - ain't no talkin'
the pipettes - finding my way
delays - may 45
the bees - there are the ghosts (request)
field music - clear water
young galaxy - the buzz in my flesh

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