Sunday, May 9, 2010

Show tracks Sat. May 8/10

I am discovering that I don't adapt to new technologies well. More so when the new technologies aren't very user friendly. I hope this isn't a sign of getting old. Because I know my eyesight reminds me of that almost

So let's say that the next episode of Rewind! will be the American Memorial holiday weekend. I know that coincides with the Detroit Electronic Music Fest but I think it will give an option for people who don't like or participate in that weekend for some quality music. So mark that date on your calendars, Cowboys & Indies Rewind! Sat. May 29/10

the lodger - welcome to my world
kate nash - take me to a higher plane
unkle - ever rest
flying lotus - …and the world laughs with you
fuck buttons - rough steez (white hot heat remix)
nedry - squid cat battle
futureheads - local man of the world
two door cinema club - come back home
pin me down - time crisis
these new puritans - 5
hurts - better than love
ac newman - take on me
cha-cha - phonographic love
the big pink - sweet dreams
----lp session #1 foals "total life forever"
foals - blue blood
foals - miami
foals - alabaster
foals - total life forever
the boy least likely to - a fairytale ending
the acorn - no ghost
wolf parade - ghost pressure
young rebel set - won't get up again
james - it's hot
viv albertine - never come
black box recorder - keep it in the family
luke haines - love letter to london
80s matchbox b-line diasater - monsieur cutts
----lp session #2 steve mason "boys outside"
steve mason - am i just a man
steve mason - i let her in
steve mason - stress position
exlovers - starlight
lonelady - early the haste comes
my sad captain - you talk all night
holy fuck - sht mtn

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