Sunday, March 21, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 20/10

hot chip - we have love
gorillaz - superfast jellyfish w/ gruff rhys & de la soul
ian king - evil eye
tunng - santiago
nedry - scattered
lonelady - immaterial
hurts - wonderful life
goldfrapp - shiny and warm
new young pony club - stone
we have band - divisive
yuck - georgia
cults - go outside
late of the pier - best in the class
kate nash - do wah doo
----lp session #1 goldheart assembly "wolves and thieves"
goldheart assembly - king of rome
goldheart assembly - anvil
goldheart assembly - hope hung high
goldheart assembly - reminder
white belt yellow tag - tell your friends (it all worked out)
boxer rebellion - cowboys & engines
the besnard lakes - the lonely moan
black swan effect - in the city
newislands - out of time
apparatjik - antlers
standard fare - philadelphia
----lp session #2 the moons "life on earth"
the moons - don't go changin'
the moons - torn between two
the moons - wondering
club smith - lament
foals - spanish sahara
los campesinos! - these are listed buildings
japandroids - art czars
parallels - midnight voices

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