Saturday, February 27, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 27/10

Once again 3 lp sessions, well it was almost 2 as the Frightened Rabbit promo refused to work on the cd players. Catastrophe When in doubt, upload to a computer! Next week will likely have 3 lp sessions as well. So many albums so little time. Hope you enjoyed it.

editors - like treasure
field music - something familiar
lightspeed champion - dead head blues
turin brakes - sea change
tunng - don't look down or back
nedry - a42
lonelady - intuition
calories - mortal boys
gorillaz - superfast jellyfish
late of the pier - best in class
the bureau (hurts) - after midnight
daggers (hurts) - money
ash - command
lp session #1 ellie goulding "lights"
ellie goulding - guns & horses
ellie goulding - wish i stayed
ellie goulding - i'll hold my breath
the courteeners - sycophant
new pornographers - your hands (together)
zeus - fever of the time
los campesinos! - this is a flag. there is no wind
japandroids - art czars
lp session #2 frightened rabbit "the winter of mixed drinks"
frightened rabbit - the loneliness and the scream
frightened rabbit - footshooter
frightened rabbit - living in colour
futureheads - heartbeat song
mirrorkicks - anything
kate nash - i just love you more
laura marling - devil's spoke
lp session #3 emma pollock "the law of large numbers"
emma pollock - hug the harbour
emma pollock - house on the hill
emma pollock - the child in me
yuck - georgia
the shimmer - no surprise at all
the novellos - not so sure

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