Sunday, August 9, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 8/09

Not much to say this week, except congrats to Erika from Royal Oak on winning the Fucking Awesome Fest passes.
We open the show with a couple tracks from Ferris Bueller's Day Off soundtrack in memory of John Hughes passing away this pass week. Could have done a whole show on the great music he had in his movies. Every thing that was cool about the 80s like The Smiths, Psychedelic Furs, Dream Academy, Killing Joke, Oingo Boingo, General Public/English Beat, BAD, Yello, OMD, Lords Of The New Church, Kim Wilde, Wall Of Voodoo, INXS, New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen.....I better stop because I could go on and you also get the

sigue sigue sputnick - love missle f1-11 (a clockwork sputnik)
dream academy - please please please let me get what i want
arctic monkeys - pretty visitors (live web transmission)
pistola kicks - intellectual
biffy clyro - that golden rule (radio rip)
the cribs - cheat on me
art brut - am i normal?
manic street preachers - peeled apples
the pheromoans - revamper
alvarez kings - despair on two stairs
delphic - this momentary
boxer rebellion - semi automatic
we were promised jetpacks - roll up your sleeves
-----lp session #1 reverend & the makers "french kiss in the chaos"
reverend & the makers - hidden persuaders
reverend & the makers - no wood just trees
reverend & the makers - long long time
reverend & the makers - mermaids
the blue ox babes - east to west
the rumble strips - dem girls
madness - sugar & spice
connett - song for swingers
subway - persuasion
little hands - remedy
autoerotique - gladiator
la roux - fascination
-----lp session #2 temper trap "conditions"
temper trap - rest
temper trap - down river
idlewild - these wooden ideas
jets overhead - always a first time
future of the left - chin music
god help the girl - hiding neath my umbrella
reverie sound revue - we are the opposite of thieves
franz ferdinand - katherine hit me dub (no you girls)
eugene mcguinness - fonze

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