Sunday, July 5, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. July 4/09 "The Brit Pop Years"

What a blast I had doing the special show last night. It brought back a lot of memories of doing the Brit Night at the Loop all those years ago. I hope you enjoyed all the Brit Pop faves. I hope I didn't miss any, and yes before you look, I played Oasis. Stay tuned for the next special show in the series celebrating our 20th anniversary year.

saint etienne - join our club
suede - the drowners
blur - popscene
elastica - line up
catatonia - you've got a lot to answer for
cast - finetime
stereophonics - a thousand trees
gene - london, can you wait?
longpigs - she said
echobelly - great things
sleeper - nice guy eddie
showgirls - lackadaisical
posh - mermaid
divine comedy - something for the weekend
space - female of the species
my life story - sparkle
dubstar - not so manic now
shed seven - she left me on friday
pure - spiritual pollution (cancon)
cub - my flaming red bobsled (cancon)
maow - party tonight (cancon)
salad - drink the elixir
pulp - common people
railto - monday morning 5:19
mansun - wide open space
marion - toys for boys
supergrass - alright
ash - kung fu
menswear - stardust
supernaturals - the day before yesterdays man
dodgy - good enough
bluetones - slight return
thurman - she's a man
bran ban 3000 - trees (cancon)
moist - day (cancon)
silver sun - golden skin
bennet - mum's gone to iceland
oasis - acquiesce

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