Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. May 30/09

The first two songs tonight go out to a friend, Marianne, who went through a traumatic few weeks. Her beloved puppy, Eno, went missing. She and friends combed the greater Toronto area, until finally the search was over and he was returned. Due to the kindness of a family who took little Eno in and kept him safe until the reunion. She showed her gratitude to all who helped in the search by having a party. So I dedicated the first two tracks to little Eno and his safe return home.
Special show coming up, so stay tuned for the details.

charlie - spacer woman
brian eno - king's lead hat
sugar crisis - we are here to save you
joy division - no love lost
jesus & mary chain - you trip me up
the legends - seconds away
the airfields - prisoners of our love
ash - return of white rabbit
the big pink - velvet
the plugs - all them witches
tired irie - summertime
doves - compulsion
adam franklin - big sur
will fell - missing madness
-----lp session neils children "x.enc"
neils children - motorcar
neils children - an exchange
neils children - the eyes of a child
neils children - terror at home
god help the girl - come monday night
camera obscura - forests & sands
polly scattergood - other too endless
malcolm middleton - red travellin' socks
the gin riots - the polka
pistola kicks - shoes
arctic monkeys - dancing shoes (at the apollo)
gang of four - outside the trains don't run on time
we are standard - the first girl who got a kiss without a please
engineers - three fact fader
sad day for puppets - blue skies
elephant stone - i am blind
caledonia - burning the day
television personalities - people think that we're strange
pony up - storyteller

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