Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Big Music - A St. Andrew's Day Celebration! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 30/13

Tonight we alter the show a little to feature the best of the Scottish indie/alternative scene to celebrate St. Andrew's Day.
Found there were far to many bands to include in one show so I hope I played your favourite. Even got a few requests in.
Don't worry I didn't try my Scottish accent, because frankly, it sucks!
royal scots dragoon guards - scotland the brave
danny bhoy - bagpipes
the waterboys - the big music
travis - all i want to do is rock
josef k - sorry for laughing (postcard 7" version)
the supernaturals - the day before yesterdays man
strawberry switchblade - let her go
the pastels - speeding motorcycle
bill drummond - julian cope is dead (for mike d.)
the skids - into the valley
endgames - first, last for everything (club version) (for joakim)
spirea x - chlorine dream
the soup dragons - soft as your face
the bluebells - i'm falling
the blue nile - a walk across the rooftops
altered images - pinky blue
teenage fanclub - everything flows
the shop assistants - i don't want to be friends with you
primal scream - higher then the sun
trash can sinatras - circling the circumference
urusei yatsura - eastern youth
the orchids - underneath the window, underneath the sink
orange juice - felicity
mogwai - hassenheide
geneva - into the blue
the vaselines - oliver twisted
belle & sebastian - legal man
the jesus & mary chain - upside down
simple minds - new gold dream (81-82-83-84)
biff bang pow! - love's going out of fashion
jesse garon & the desperadoes - splashing along
cocteau twins - lorelei
the associates - party fears two (for craig m.)
camera obscura - do it again
lloyd cole & the commotions - lost weekend
captain america - flame on
aztec camera - oblivious
primal scream - velocity girl

To listen to the wee show again!
Part One
Part Two

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