Saturday, November 9, 2013

Garage Recordings! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 9/13

Business as usual this week. After 2 weeks of Halloween tracks, Velvet Underground covers and a pledge drive, we get back to basics this week. Loads of new tracks have been stockpiling over the last two weeks. No way I'll get to them all. But there's always next week.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the pledge drive this year. The station managed to raise over $20,000 and there are still some late pledges coming in. You can still pledge if you haven't and want to. If you did, CJAM thanks you!

the invisible - surrender
jessie ware - love thy will be done
the rifles - minute mile
the heartbreaks - ¡no pasarĂ¡n!
david bowie - god bless the girl
bombay bicycle club - carry me
snowbird - porcelain
mogwai - remurdered
young knives - we could be blood
you say party - the misunderstanding (omd cover)
ebony bones - what difference does it make? (ft. the new london children's choir)
the hics - tangle
reeves & mortimer - brian eno & rick wakeman pt.1
denim - here is my song for europe
is tropical - dancing anymore
lp session - black hearted brother "stars are our home"
black hearted brother - ufo
black hearted brother - take heart
black hearted brother - i'm back
peace - wraith
veronica falls - nobody there
man without country - claymation
paradise - stars shine bright
candy says - dreamers
the fauns - seven hours
the big pink - stay gold (for clara)
circa waves - get away
jubilee courts - room with a view
mazes - hayfever wristband
grass house - of haste and art
grass house - tasteless but taciturn
b.e.f. feat. glenn gregory - perfect day
reeves & mortimer - brian eno & rick wakeman pt.2

Once again or for the first time!
Part One
Part Two

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